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Three die in La Vega, Barahona and Santiago were hospitalized with dengue fever

In the Jaime Mota regional hospital in Barahona, there were 45 inpatients in wards and 10 in the emergency area affected by dengue fever yesterday.LISTIN DIARIO

Two people died after several days of dengue fever while being treated at health centers in Santiago and La Vega, while a minor died while being admitted to the regional hospital of Barahona.

One of the deceased is a two-year-old boy declared dead at the Arturo Grullon Regional Pediatric Hospital in Santiago.

The parents of the minor identified their son as Dilan de Jesus Corona Reyes, who resided in the Nuevo La Herradura neighborhood southwest of the city of Santiago.

The father, Maicol Gabriel Corona, alleges that there was medical negligence on the part of the personnel of the medical center.

“We took him on Monday morning, there what they did was that they bathed him and gave him acetaminophen and then they sent him home,” said the child’s father.

Corona explained that the following day, his son got sick again; they applied the same methodology and sent him home again, and finally, on Saturday, his son died.

Maria Reyes, the little boy’s mother, said she does not want another child to suffer all that her son sustained just because he did not receive adequate care.

“If my son had been admitted since Monday when we first took him, we would not be watching over him today,” Reyes explained. Yesterday, a commission from the Ministry of Public Health went to the family’s residence and verified that the family has to store water because they do not receive service.

La Vega

The other person who died from the disease was 48-year-old José García Valdez, who lived in the municipality of Constanza and had received medical attention since Saturday in a private center in La Vega.

Garcia Valdez had been in a private health center for several days after being referred from a center in Constanza.

Jose was known throughout the region for his participation in various festivals and local events, where he stood out for his characteristic Mexican character, which delighted those present with his humor and sympathy. In addition to his presence on festive occasions, García Valdez was also an active figure in the local politics of Constanza, contributing significantly to the municipality’s development.

Child dies in Barahona

Another child died of dengue fever at the Jaime Mota Regional Hospital, bringing to three the number of deaths due to this disease in that center. At the same time, 45 patients were admitted, and another ten were waiting in the emergency area.

The victim is a boy of 4 years and nine months, who was admitted at 4:00 in the afternoon of Sunday, but at 10:00 at night, he expired, confirmed to Listin Diario sources of the unit, which gives attention to the cases of dengue fever.

The child, who lived with his parents in the community of Villa Central and studied in the Basic School Anaima Tejeda, had several days with fever, vomiting, and diarrhea, for which he had been taken to the hospital on at least three occasions, but his admission was not ordered. Teachers, students, classmates, administrative staff of the Escuela Básica Anaima Tejeda, as well as the medical and nursing staff of the Hospital Regional Docente Universitario Jaime Mota, showed their sorrow for this new death, which joins that of a 12-year-old girl who died of the exact cause in that health center.


Yesterday, Mayor Victor Emilio Fernandez, the director of the Regional Health Services, and Wilkin Feliz, the UASD Barahona Campus general director, met with the municipality’s health promoters, who were asked to get involved in preventive actions.

The meeting was held to eliminate the breeding sites of the Aedes aegypti mosquito, which transmits the disease through its bite.

At a meeting convened by the Provincial Government last week with the mayor and the health sector, the medical director of the local hospital, Dr. María Elena Batista Rivas, complained about the two private health centers because they do not accept patients with dengue fever.

This situation causes the leading medical center here to be full of patients with the disease.

Dr. Batista Rivas said that, given this situation, she has increased the number of beds for the disease from 24 to 36, to which she will add 15 new beds starting this Monday, for a total of 51 beds exclusively for patients with this health condition.

The hospital’s medical director also informed that three new stretchers will be added to the ten existing ones in the emergency area for 13.

Sources of this hospital confirmed to Listín Diario that yesterday they had 45 patients admitted, both adults and pediatric, while in an emergency, more than ten people were waiting for a space to be admitted.

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