Local November 7, 2023 | 11:45 am

10th edition of Luso Awards recognized the contribution of professionals in the Dominican-Portuguese relationship

Santo Domingo.- The Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism Portugal Dominican Republic marked its tenth LUSO 2023 Awards ceremony, honoring individuals who have contributed to strengthening the close relationship between Portugal and the Dominican Republic.

This year’s awards were presented to outstanding recipients:

1. María de Fátima Geraldes, a concert pianist recognized for her significant contribution to Dominican art and culture.
2. Dr. Jesús Fernándes, the General Director of the Abreu Clinic, honored for his excellence in the professional and executive realm.
3. Helena Dionisio, Vice President of the Portuguese Dominican Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, acknowledged for her exceptional performance and leadership.
4. Chef Joel Marques, representing the Made in Portugal restaurant, lauded for promoting Portuguese culinary culture in the Dominican Republic.

The event was attended by distinguished guests, including the Ambassador of the European Union, Mrs. Katja Alfheldt, the Dean of the consular corps, Mr. Fernando González Nicolás, the Consul of Portugal in the Dominican Republic, Mr. Paulo Alves, and the President of the European Parliament, Mr. Jean Marco Pou, among other notable figures.

Sponsored by Altice Dominicana and with the support of Pernod Ricard, the ceremony celebrated the deep ties and contributions between both nations and paid tribute to the honorees for their valuable actions in strengthening this special bond.

The occasion served as a platform for members and friends of the Chamber, featuring live jazz music by Alexander Vásquez, delectable sandwiches, and wines provided by Sembra, a wine agency. Attendees also had the opportunity to enjoy an exhibition of artisanal cigars by La Realeza Dominican Tabacco.

The LUSO Awards stand as one of the most significant annual events organized by the Dominican Portuguese Chamber of Commerce, Industry, and Tourism. The term “LUSO” derives from “Lusitania,” historically used to designate the people of the region that encompasses modern-day Portugal on the Iberian Peninsula.

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