Local November 16, 2023 | 10:01 am

Dominican Republic addresses Haitian crisis on tour of Europe

Santo Domingo.- A delegation from the Dominican Republic, appointed by President Luis Abinader, is currently in Brussels, Belgium, at the headquarters of the European Parliament. During their visit, they are engaging in a series of meetings with legislators and authorities representing various European nations.

The discussions primarily focus on highlighting the impact of the crisis in Haiti on the Dominican Republic and the violations of border treaties, particularly related to the illegal construction of a canal on the Dajabón River. Additionally, the delegation is presenting the national pact for the formulation of public policies aimed at addressing the Haitian issue. This is part of an effort to convey a unified position from the Dominican political and academic leadership to the international community.

The delegation consists of key figures, including Andrés Lugo Risk (Administrative Vice Minister of the Presidency), José Julio Gómez Beato (Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs), Pelegrín Castillo Semán (President of the National Progressive Force), and Juan Dionicio Rodríguez (President of the Frente Amplio).

Their agenda includes meetings with various European representatives, including María Clara Girbau Ronda (Permanent Representative of Spain to the European Union), Tomás Reyes Ortega (President of the Commission for Relations with Latin America and the European External Action Service), Belgian Senator Orry Van de Wauwer, and others.

This diplomatic effort aims to raise awareness and seek support for addressing the challenges posed by the situation in Haiti and the related issues along the Dominican Republic’s border.

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