Local November 24, 2023 | 1:08 pm

Haitians crowd on the border with Pedernales, but their country does not open the door to the market

Santo Domingo.- On Friday, a significant number of Haitians from the town of Anse-a-pitre gathered at the border gate of Pedernales, aiming to cross into the Dominican Republic to purchase merchandise and agricultural products. However, their entry was blocked by Haitian authorities, as the Haiti border gate remains closed.

Despite the closure, some individuals managed to enter Dominican territory through alternate routes. Nevertheless, the soldiers of the Specialized Border Security Corps (Cesfront) of the Dominican Republic intervened to prevent them from progressing further into Pedernales.

This border area has been seeing a flow of goods in recent times. Since Thursday, several trucks loaded with flour and manufactured products have been arriving at this border point. These goods, which were reportedly delayed in Santo Domingo, are intended for transport to Haiti. Haitian merchants and others were observed with bundles of clothing and various merchandise, including items purchased at the municipal market of Pedernales, congregating near the Cesfront detachment on the Dominican side. They seemed to be waiting for an opportunity to cross into Anse-á-pitre, where trade is essential for their livelihood.

The situation at the border was managed with discipline by the Cesfront, army, and intelligence soldiers under the direction of their superiors. These forces remained in the vicinity of the border division as a security measure, maintaining order and enforcing the closed border policy.

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