Local November 26, 2023 | 7:55 am

Peravia and San Cristóbal are on yellow alert

The Emergency Operations Center, COE, declared a yellow alert for several communities of Peravia and San Cristóbal due to the increase in the volume of water of the Nizao River due to the flooding that could be generated in rivers, streams, and creeks, as well as downstream of the Contra Embalse Las Barias.

In Peravia, only the communities of Don Gregorio in the municipality of Nizao and the lower part of the Petroleum Refinery in San Cristobal are on alert, especially the Juan Baron and Luca Dias bridge.

“People should not make use of bathing resorts downstream of Contra Embalse Las Barias. Also, people are urged to refrain from crossing rivers, streams and creeks of the Nizao River, which present high volumes of water, due to the turbidity and volume of water,” said the COE.

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