Local November 27, 2023 | 8:25 am

Aerodom gives its version on the airport operation contract

Santo Domingo.- Luis José López Mena, Director of Corporate Communication at Aerodom, responded to a series of reports published by Diario Libre concerning contracts with the Dominican government. In his letter to Inés Aizpún, director of Diario Libre, he addressed concerns and offered clarifications regarding Aerodom and its parent company, VINCI Airports.

López Mena emphasized Aerodom’s respect for freedom of expression and the press, acknowledging their role as a pillar of democracy. However, he expressed concern over some conclusions drawn by Diario Libre, pointing out inaccuracies and the need for more context.

Contrary to the publication’s claims, Aerodom has been a significant tax contributor to the tourism sector, paying over US$45 million in income tax alone in 2022. From 2016 to September of the current year, under the management of VINCI Airports, Aerodom has contributed a total of US$328,336,775 in taxes.

Addressing the claims of failed investment commitments in Dominican airports, López Mena clarified that Aerodom fully met its obligations. These investments, totaling over US$450 million (exceeding the original commitment), were recognized and discharged by the Airport Commission in 2015. After VINCI Airports acquired Aerodom’s share capital, an additional US$64,897,254.64 was invested by 2021, surpassing the original concession commitments. This compliance was certified by the consulting firm INDRA-ALG in April 2023.

López Mena also explained that the assets managed by Aerodom under the concession model remain state property. Aerodom’s role is to operate, manage, invest, and improve these assets. The status of the works carried out by Aerodom is regularly audited and supervised by the Dominican State through the Airport Commission.

He countered the report’s calculations regarding fee income, clarifying the actual rates charged at concessioned airports and denying any additional charge for Samaná airport infrastructure. López Mena concluded by highlighting the benefits of the concession model in the airport industry, including efficiency, customer satisfaction, access to private capital, and improved profitability.

This response by Aerodom aims to clarify and correct the information presented in the Diario Libre reports, providing a broader perspective on the company’s contributions and operations in the Dominican Republic.

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