Local November 27, 2023 | 8:19 am

Children cannot return to classes because they lost uniforms and supplies

Santo Domingo.- Following the heavy rains during the weekend of November 18, numerous families across multiple communities in the Dominican Republic have faced severe hardships. Hundreds of families, including many children, have lost their homes and possessions to the floods. Essential items like school uniforms, notebooks, pencils, backpacks, and books have been swept away or rendered unusable, preventing these children from returning to school.

In areas like El Tamarindo, in Santo Domingo Este, and Brisa del Este de Sabana Perdida, in Santo Domingo Norte, the impact has been particularly devastating. Despite the National Student Welfare Institute (Inabie) outlining its actions to assist affected children, a survey conducted by Listín Diario found that 67 families reported not receiving any form of state aid, not only for school-related needs but also for other necessities.

In the Tamarindo Adentro sector, near the banks of the Ozama River, about 50 school-age children have been absent from school due to their homes being in deplorable conditions. Parents in the area have expressed their desperation, hoping to gather enough resources to send their children back to school, especially with exams approaching. Many homes in this area were flooded up to their roofs.

Similarly, in the Brisa del Este neighborhood of Sabana Perdida, residents living near the Yuca River experienced significant losses. Yahindi Solano, a mother of three, recounted the urgency with which she had to evacuate her home as the floodwaters rose rapidly. She noted that while some aid had arrived, it didn’t reach the most affected areas.

These accounts highlight the dire situation many families are facing in the aftermath of the floods, with a particular impact on children’s education and well-being. The lack of adequate aid and support for these families underscores the need for more effective disaster response and assistance mechanisms.

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