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INTEGRA and Pioneer join forces to transform the health sector in the Dominican Republic

SANTO DOMINGO.— With the purpose of developing a national project that leads to the construction of modern health centers, establishing an institutional model that ensures the quality and safety of medical services with international standards for all Dominican citizens, INTEGRA and Pioneer, leaders in their respective fields, have signed a collaboration agreement aimed at transforming the health sector of the Dominican Republic.

This strategic union represents an innovative project with the focus of directly addressing the main causes of mortality in the country. Likewise, it seeks to improve medical care in the Dominican Republic and promote the country as a top-level medical tourism destination. This project generates a positive synergy with tourism and contributes to the creation of an authentic country brand.

“The country faces a critical deficit both in health infrastructure, with an approximate need for 5,000 additional beds to meet World Health Organization standards, and in health professionals. Projects of this magnitude seek to reduce that gap, offering a greater and better offer of medical services to Dominicans and strategically positioning the country as a quality international destination in health tourism,” highlighted Dr. Gastón Gabin, representative of INTEGRA.

Héctor Garrido, representing Pioneer, added that “The private investment sector is fully committed to the challenge and need to transform health in the country. Pioneer today takes its first step on this journey, and through an effective alignment of “All stakeholders and government support through incentives that maximize the impact of our investments, we firmly believe that the Dominican Republic will become a better country for its citizens and a cutting-edge medical tourism destination.”

It should be noted that INTEGRA, recognized as an asset management company in the health sector, is responsible for managing CEMDOE, the first health center certified by the Joint Commission International in the country. It has a multinational professional team with vast experience in the development and administration of health projects, as well as a solid network of international relations with the best institutions in the region, which will allow the implementation of best practices in this unprecedented project.

Likewise, Pioneer, an investment fund management company with an outstanding track record, has allocated a social impact fund of USD 345 million to invest in projects that generate a true impact on society. The health sector stands out as one of the investment priorities, and this alliance with INTEGRA represents a unique opportunity to drive significant change in health care in the Dominican Republic.

The INTEGRA and Pioneer alliance marks a significant milestone in the ongoing effort to improve healthcare in the Dominican Republic and lay the foundation for a healthier, more prosperous future. Both companies are committed to the vision of a country with an efficient, world-class health system that provides all Dominicans with the care they deserve.


INTEGRA is a firm specialized in asset management, focused on the health sector. Its main objective is to maximize the return on investment for its strategic partners, adding value to health systems and contributing to the significant improvement in the quality of life of the communities in the regions where it operates.

INTEGRA is responsible for CEMDOE, the first health center certified by the Joint Commission International in the country.

About pioneer:

Pioneer is a leading investment fund management company in the capital market of the Dominican Republic. It is characterized by strengthening its leadership position in the industry every day and maintaining the enthusiasm and focus of continuing to be pioneers in the investment fund market in the country – always under the guidelines of efficiency, professionalism and transparency.

Investment in the health sector is one of its main priorities. The collaboration with INTEGRA is an example of its commitment to innovation in the health sector.

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