Local November 30, 2023 | 4:29 pm

DGCP detects more illegalities in the Intrant bidding process

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic’s General Directorate of Public Procurement (DGCP) has confirmed multiple irregularities in the bidding process for the installation of the Greater Santo Domingo traffic light network. A new decision reveals that the contract between the National Institute of Transit and Land Transportation (Intrant) and Transcore Latam, SRL included services not specified in the original bid documents, constituting a direct violation of Law 340-06 on Public Procurement and principles of due process and legality.

In its third investigation, prompted by complaints from Icontrolt, SRL and Kapsch Trafficcom Dominican Republic, SRL, the DGCP found that Intrant’s contract with Transcore Latam, SRL included the collection of 305 traffic controllers at various intersections, which was not part of the initial specifications. This finding is detailed in Resolution RIC-169-2023, spanning 173 pages.

The investigation also uncovered a violation of Decree 15-17, concerning due process in budget appropriation certification. Intrant used a document from its administrative and financial director instead of the required one from the Financial Management Information System (SIGEF). Furthermore, the contract’s awarded amount exceeded the budgeted appropriation by RD$117,350,900.00, overextending state resources beyond the approved certificate.

Additionally, Transcore Latam, SRL’s guarantee of faithful compliance with the contract was found to be less than required, failing to meet the established validity criterion. In light of these irregularities, the DGCP declared the nullification of the bid documents and procedure, and called for sanctions against officials who breached due process rules.

The DGCP will send the resolution to several institutions, including the Comptroller General of the Republic, the Chamber of Accounts, PROCOMPETENCIA, DGII, MOPC, PEPCA, the Ministry of the Presidency, UAF, and DIGEIG. These bodies are tasked with conducting further investigations into issues like invoice issuance, tax receipts, potential conflicts of interest, public servants’ ethical conduct, and anti-competitive practices.

The DGCP also announced that it will soon reveal a final resolution in the case, outlining the sanctions to be imposed on the winning company.

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