Local December 2, 2023 | 9:00 am

DGA exempts US$4,000 worth of goods from taxes

Facade of the General Directorate of Customs (DGA). Archive.

Santo Domingo—The General Directorate of Customs announced yesterday the start of the “Christmas Grace” that allows Dominicans residing abroad to bring gifts to their family for a value of US$4,000 exonerated from the payment of taxes from December 1 until January 15.

“This is for Dominicans residing abroad who bring items under US$4,000 per family, without the payment of duty,” said Sanz Lovatón, director general of Customs, at the lighting of that entity’s Christmas tree.

The requirements are that residents abroad who apply must have at least six months without having visited the country; if the items do not come with the passenger, they may be sent to the Dominican Republic by express mail companies or cargo consolidators but will have to be picked up by the holder with their passport evidencing their entry in the grace period.

The maximum value of the articles is US$4,000, and only three pieces of the same type may be brought in; the facility applies to Dominicans entering the country by air or sea, and the FOB value must not exceed the established amount.

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