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Abinader and Carlos Bonilla deliver more than 400 new apartments in Santiago

With these new units delivered in Los Salados and Hato del Yaque, MIVED approaches the 7,000 housing units delivered in only three years.

Santiago. – The President of the Republic, Luis Abinader Corona, and the Minister of Housing and Buildings (MIVED), Carlos Bonilla Sánchez, delivered this Saturday 404 new apartments distributed in the housing projects Mi Vivienda Los Salados and Mi Vivienda Hato del Yaque, in the province of Santiago.

These projects, developed by the MIVED, are added to the more than 6,700 houses that Abinader and Bonilla have delivered in the three years of their administration, a figure that no previous government had achieved in such a short period.

In the housing complexes of Hato Nuevo and Los Salados, the MIVED has built 1,246 new homes of the 1,856 it plans to deliver in the two projects, with a joint investment of more than RD$4.3 billion.

Mi Vivienda Hato del Yaque Plan

The first stop of President Abinader and Minister Bonilla was at the Mi Vivienda Hato del Yaque project, where they delivered 240 new apartments to the same number of benefited families who now become homeowners.

During the event, President Abinader said: “I want to tell them that this is their new house, their new home, they have to take care of it, they have to protect it, but at the same time, they also have to learn to live in community, their neighbors are their families. Projects like this one, where they are given decent housing while there is a cleanup of the Gurabo ravine, are the projects that fill us with joy.”

This is the third delivery that Abinader and Bonilla made in Hato del Yaque, totaling 590 units built in Santiago.

Minister Bonilla also said: “We are entering December, the month of Christmas and the end of the year. For everyone these are times of sharing and gathering, where the home is more present than ever. I am sure that, for you, this will not be just any holiday season; unlike other years, this will be the first Christmas you will spend under your own roof. It is a reason for you to enjoy with great joy and to remember this year’s festivities forever”.

In Mi Vivienda Hato del Yaque, the Government, through MIVED, has projected to build 1,200 new three-bedroom units in 150 4-story buildings, with an investment of RD$2,796 million, benefiting more than 4 thousand people who lived in vulnerable conditions in Arroyo Gurabo.

The project, which creates more than 2,500 direct jobs that boost the area’s economy, has 19,848.8 square meters of green spaces and 2,209.65 square meters of institutional area, and a basketball court, baseball field, parking lots, playground, and recreation area.

Mi Vivienda Los Salados Plan

After Hato del Yaque, President Luis Abinader and Minister Carlos Bonilla went to Los Salados, in the same province of Santiago, where they delivered 164 new apartments, reaching 100% of the units offered under the Mi Vivienda plan in this area.

This is the fifth delivery that Abinader and Bonilla made in Los Salados, totaling the 656 houses that the project contemplated, with an investment of RD$1,505 million, benefiting more than 2,100 people.

In this activity, Minister Bonilla stated: “our effort to improve the quality of life of Dominicans does not stop, it is our goal and our commitment. Mi Vivienda Los Salados, in Santiago de Los Caballeros, is an example of the work we are doing to carry out the promises of our President, Luis Abinader.”

The housing complex, which created more than 1,300 direct jobs, has 7,821.84 square meters of green areas, 1,314.84 of institutional space, a basketball court, a playground, a recreational area, and parking for cars and motors.

My Housing Plan

With these deliveries in Hato del Yaque and Los Salados, the Ministry of Housing and Buildings has built 6,758 of the 7,500 houses promised in these four years as part of the Mi Vivienda plan.

With Los Salados, the MIVED has completed the Mi Vivienda program in La Barranquita, Santiago; Los Llanos, San Pedro de Macorís; Villa Progreso, Bahoruco; Las Matas de Farfán, San Juan; Santa Cruz, Montecristi; Santiago Rodríguez; and Colinas del Arroyo II, in Santo Domingo Norte.

The entity continues to deliver houses in Hato del Yaque, Santiago; San Luis, Santo Domingo East; Ciudad Modelo, Santo Domingo North; and Hato Nuevo, Santo Domingo West.

At the deliveries in Hato del Yaque and Los Salados, President Abinader and Minister Bonilla were accompanied by the governor of Santiago, Rosa Santos; the senator of Santiago, Eduardo Estrella; the administrator of Banco de Reservas, Samuel Pereyra; the director of Pro Industria, Ulises Rodríguez; the general manager of Fiduciaria Reservas, Andrés Vanderhorst; the director of the Santiago Aqueduct and Sewer Corporation, Andrés Burgos; and the Reverend Deacon Miguel Abreu, of the Santa Rosa de Lima Parish.

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