Local December 3, 2023 | 8:13 am

Haina accident now 12 dead and 14 injured, Digesett says

Haina—As a result of the accident last Monday, 27 November, between a skid loaded with cement and a bus with 36 passengers on board in Quita Sueño, Haina, San Cristóbal province, the number of people killed has risen to 12, and the number of injured is 14.

This was announced by the General Directorate of Security, Transit and Land Transportation (Digesett) on Saturday morning.

The National Health Service (SNS) reported that three injured patients were discharged yesterday. The names of the deceased are Julissa Ramona Sosa Joaquin, 44; Hector Luis Estevez Mendez, 55; Teofila Brito Dominguez, Julio Antonio Franco, 35; Manuel Ramirez Santana, 63; Maria Margarita Colon, Rosalba Campusano Batista, Oscar Medina Montero, Eladio Pimental, and Altagracia Nina Vallejo Martinez.

It is recalled that Digesett confirmed to this newspaper that Camilo Torres, the driver of the patana, tested negative for a breathalyzer test after being detained.

However, because of this and other more recent events, experts said that recklessness could have triggered the tragedy in Quita Sueño de Haina.

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