Local December 4, 2023 | 12:29 pm

Magic Christmas Park in La Vega, Dominican Republic

La Vega.- In La Vega, Mayor Kelvin Cruz, also the president of the Dominican Federation of Municipalities (Fedomu), inaugurated the Magic Christmas Park at the iconic Duarte Square. This festive space, designed for families from all over the country, showcases a range of attractions and innovations for this year’s Christmas season.

The event featured merengue artist Toño Rosario, who performed for the audience. The ceremony was further graced with words of blessing from Father Francisco Jiménez (Cualo) and a welcoming speech by the President of the Council of Aldermen, Amado Gómez.

The 2023 Magic Christmas Park stands out with its design inspired by the Christmas movie “Polar Express”. It includes the tunnel of surprises, a multitude of illuminated structures, enhanced fun, and new sensory experiences aboard the traditional Magic Christmas Train. Mayor Cruz emphasized that the park, open for 40 days, welcomes visitors from all social classes, assuring a strong security presence for a safe and enjoyable experience. The park enforces a prohibition on vapes, juca, and alcoholic beverages to maintain its family-friendly atmosphere.

Mayor Cruz expressed gratitude to the sponsors of the event, including Banco Alaver, Induveca, the Presidency of the Republic, Propeep, among others. These sponsors played a significant role in bringing the Magic Christmas Park to life, contributing to the festive spirit and community joy in La Vega.

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December 4, 2023 6:47 pm

I love La Vega, en calle Imbert,cerca de iglesia they have best fried chicken ???? …