Local December 5, 2023 | 9:00 am

Dominican Republic initiates progress towards innovation pact towards National progress

Santo Domingo.- The Government Office of Information and Communication Technology (OGTIC) and the Cabinet of Innovation and Digital Development have taken the initial steps to implement the Innovation Pact. This initiative is a vital component of the National Innovation Policy 2030 and marks the beginning of a transformative journey toward collaborative innovation aimed at reshaping the nation.

The Innovation Pact represents a nationwide commitment to harness innovation as a catalyst for sustainable development, marking a pivotal moment in how the Dominican Republic confronts future challenges and seizes opportunities.

The launch event for the pact convened leaders from diverse sectors, spanning the public, business, academia, and civil society. Over two days of dialogue and reflection, experts shared insights into how innovation can enhance productivity, generate valuable knowledge, and ultimately enhance the quality of life for Dominican citizens.

During the event, the first Ambassadors of the Innovation Pact were appointed. These influential figures will play a central role in championing and executing the pact’s objectives, with a mission to inspire and collaborate in driving the country’s sustainable development.

Participants engaged in discussions on the pact’s nine objectives, encompassing endeavors such as democratizing opportunities, fostering social innovation, and enhancing innovation-focused education. Each objective aims to establish a comprehensive framework that encourages innovation across all facets of Dominican society.

This pivotal step through the pact heralds a new era for the Dominican Republic, where innovation takes center stage as the engine of progress and prosperity. As the official signing of the Pact for Innovation approaches, it is anticipated that this movement will spark a cultural shift and inspire creativity throughout Dominican society.

The initiative will progress with roundtable discussions, a public consultation, and regional events held across the country. The official signing of the Pact for Innovation is set to occur during the Dominicana Innova event, graced by the presence of President Luis Abinader.

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