Local December 8, 2023 | 4:05 pm

Abinader and Carolina Mejía will deliver the second and third stages of the Duarte with Paris

Santo Domingo.- This Sunday, December 10, marks a momentous day for the city as it undergoes a significant transformation. President Luis Abinader, alongside Mayor Carolina Mejía, will inaugurate the second and third stages of the La Paris project. This initiative aims to uplift the area and bring a radical change to the trading environment. The inauguration ceremony is scheduled for 5 p.m., fulfilling Mayor Mejía’s commitment announced earlier in her accountability report to complete and deliver La Paris y su Entorno within the year.

In preparation for this event, certain streets and avenues will be closed starting Saturday. These include Paris Avenue, from Duarte to Juana Saltitopa, and José Martí Avenue, from Francisco Henríquez y Carvajal to 27 de Febrero. Similar closures will apply to Juana Saltitopa Street, paralleling José Martí Street. Commuters are advised to seek alternative routes to facilitate smoother traffic flow in the area.

The second stage of the project encompasses a 1.4-kilometer stretch from José Martí Street to Josefa Brea Street. This involves comprehensive sidewalk and ramp renovations, pavement of Paris Avenue, upgrades to sanitary and storm drainage systems, as well as the addition of street furniture and enhanced lighting along the Paseo. A significant feature is the reorganization of commercial activities, including the construction of 246 vendor stations, 60 of which are strategically placed on Paseo de La Paris.

The third stage focuses on revitalizing Paseos de la Duarte, Música, and La Lectura, installing new vendor modules in key areas. This includes 60 stations on Paseo de la Duarte, 72 on Paseo de la Reading, and 54 on Paseo de la Música.

To ensure the project’s sustainability, a new Mayor’s Office headquarters (Administrative Building) has been constructed on Jacinto de la Concha Street at the corner of Paris. This two-level, 407m² building with six front parking spaces houses various municipal offices, including Urban Cleaning, Public Space, Municipal Police, the General Directorate of Traffic and Transportation Security (Digesett), and the National Police.

This transformative project promises not only aesthetic and functional enhancements to the city but also aims to boost the local economy and create a safer, more appealing environment for both residents and visitors. It’s a significant step towards sustainable development and enhancing the community’s overall well-being.

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