Local December 8, 2023 | 10:29 am

COE places nine Dominican provinces on green alert due to potential flooding

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic’s Emergency Operations Center (COE) has issued a green alert for nine provinces, anticipating potential flooding risks. This precautionary measure is in response to the likelihood of increased river, stream, and ravine water levels, triggered by impending rainfall.

The COE’s latest update attributes the expected rainfall to a frontal system forecasted to move across the Dominican territory starting this Thursday and continuing over the weekend. The provinces under this green alert include María Trinidad Sánchez, Espaillat, Santiago, Samaná, Hermanas Mirabal, Hato Mayor, Duarte, Puerto Plata, and El Seibo.

In light of these alerts, the COE advises residents to exercise caution. Specifically, they recommend avoiding crossing rivers, streams, and ravines with high water levels and refraining from using river-based recreational areas (spas) in the affected provinces. These measures are aimed at ensuring public safety during the anticipated weather conditions.

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