Local December 9, 2023 | 10:08 am

A route to bring joy and hope to Dominicans

The Route of Hope began its journey in the early hours of yesterday, delivering food rations to poor people in various sectors of Santo Domingo East and shelters for older people. The operation will be carried out throughout the national territory during December.

This initiative includes the delivery of Christmas bonuses, household goods, and roofs through the Hogar Equipado y Mejoramiento de Vivienda (Equipped Home and Home Improvement) program.

The institution’s director, Yadira Henríquez, emphasized that one million families will receive these Christmas holidays as a breath of hope so that in their homes reigns harmony and tranquility of a year full of light and hope.

Henríquez stressed that with the aid, the government of Luis Abinader plans to impact a total of 2.5 million Dominicans.

Delivery to families of Santo Domingo East
Yesterday morning, citizens of the Los Mongos, Barrio Puerto Rico, La Lata, and Los Enganchaos sectors received the first food rations in the institution’s facilities. They appreciated the order and organization at the moment of receiving the deliveries.

The head of the institution indicated that they will be visiting shelters, shelters, homes for older people, and various community institutions in the municipality during the weekend.

She also pointed out that they will reach out to non-profit institutions that house children, the disabled, the elderly, the mentally ill, and women’s associations.

Henríquez pointed out that in previous years, people were forced to run after the trucks and sometimes to be pushed and mistreated to receive the Christmas boxes, but this has changed with the Christmas bonus.

Speaking during a press conference, Henriquez said that since the first day of his administration, his commitment to the neediest has been to deliver the boxes with dignity and respect. She said that all Dominicans will receive the aid.

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