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Beware! At Christmas there is money on the street and also muggers; tips to watch out for them

One of the measures to guarantee physical integrity during this Christmas season, a time when “there is money on the street and muggings tend to increase, as well as social activities or parties” since the working population receives a double salary, is prevention.

According to personal security expert Moisés García, although the country does not have a police or judicial protection system to protect citizens from being assaulted, they should adopt their security measures, among which he suggests using little cash. However, he clarifies that the assailants may feel frustrated for not obtaining a reward, so he thinks having at least a paper peso note is prudent to avoid physical aggression.

“I am one of those who recommend carrying some cash, even if it is only 500 pesos, because when the assailant feels mocked after not finding anything, then he usually assaults the victim,” said García to journalists of Hoy Digital during a telephone conversation.

The former head of security of Vin Diesel in the Dominican Republic recommended withdrawing money from ATMs in shopping malls, not wearing jewelry, avoiding being distracted, and trying to make eye contact with anyone who approaches on foot or on motorcycles to avoid being surprised.

Withdraw cash from ATMs located in shopping malls.
Regarding the disposition of the National Police, the expert considers that it would be necessary to wait for the results of the patrolling of the uniformed, which are the ones that would end up defining the levels of trust of the population.

“Among the population, there are also policemen, military, decent citizens, and there are also the antisocials who want to get paid faster. Since early December, they have been looking to finance their Christmas Eve, obviously not in the noblest way,” he expressed.

A “tool” that criminals usually use to rob people at Christmas time is burundanga (in medical terms as scopolamine), a drug that, when administered, puts the brain in “automatic” mode, annuls the will of people and turns them into perfect victims of robbers, rapists, and even murderers.

Among the measures you should take to avoid being mugged with this narcotic are:

1. Beware of people approaching you on the street asking you to help them locate addresses, banks, commercial establishments, and other places.

2. Be very careful with people who ask for help by showing maps or directions to unfamiliar places or who are selling clothes, gold bars, or claiming to have won lottery prizes.

3. Do not be distracted on the street or rummage through purses, handbags, and backpacks in public.

4. Do not display money, expensive jewelry, or expensive cell phones to avoid attracting the attention of criminals who use Burundanga to gain access to their victims.

5. Do not accept any objects offered to you on the street, such as flyers, flowers, maps, rings, necklaces, cell phones, and other things.

6. Avoid dark and lonely places; if possible, choose to walk in the company of others.

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December 10, 2023 1:23 am

Devil’s Breath…

Paul Tierney
December 10, 2023 8:09 am

No matter the time of year, always be cautious.