Local December 10, 2023 | 12:00 pm

Adulterated rum factory dismantled in La Romana

Police agents assigned to the Eastern Regional Intelligence Sub-Directorate (Dintel), Preventive Police, and a representative of the Public Prosecutor’s Office dismantled a factory of adulterated rum (clerene) located in the Villa Caoba sector near the Eastern Highway in the province of La Romana.

According to what was reported, 440 gallons of adulterated drinks (clerene) were seized in several 55-gallon tanks, two water bottles, an industrial stove, a 25-pound tank, a copper pipe, and a well to ferment the drink.

“At the time of the arrival of the authorities, there were no people at the scene,” a press release stated.

Members of the Dintel are investigating the case to determine who is responsible for the recently dismantled clandestine factory.

The authorities guaranteed they would continue working to combat the production and sale of adulterated alcoholic beverages, as it represents a risk to public health.

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