Local December 10, 2023 | 10:00 am

Intec to conduct research on Cibao seismic fault

Santo Domingo—The Santo Domingo Institute of Technology (INTEC) reported yesterday that it would study seismic hazards and risks in the interaction zone between the Septentrional Fault, the Cibao Basin, and the Samaná Peninsula using 3D imaging technology.

This research is one of eight to be carried out by the university with financing from the National Fund for Innovation and Scientific and Technological Development (FONDOCyT) of the Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology (Mescyt), which allocated a total of RD$57.6 million to INTEC.

The university will research environmental and natural resources, physics, mathematics, biology, energy, and biofuel.

In the letter of approval of funds for the projects received by INTEC’s academic authorities, the Minister of Higher Education, Science, and Technology, Franklin García Fermín, as well as the Vice Minister of Science and Technology, Genaro Rodríguez Martínez, affirm that the commitment and dedication demonstrated by INTEC’s team of researchers are fundamental for the advancement of science and technology.

INTEC is the private higher education institution with the highest number of projects awarded in Mescyt’s 2023 call for proposals.


Regarding the environment and natural resources, INTEC will research “Estimation, detention, and dynamics of the transport of plastic waste in the Ozama River,” a study that delves into the origin of the waste that reaches this tributary.

INTEC will also lead two research projects in mathematics: “Application of multi-step iterative methods to optimization problems” and “Digital Interactive Mathematics 2.0”. INTEC researchers will also carry out a study on the “Multiomics approach for the conservation and management of Magnolias (Magnoliaceae) in the Dominican Republic” and another on the “Integral characterization of Amyris (guaconejo) species in the Dominican Republic,” both in the biology segment and oriented to the conservation of these species.

Energy and biofuels

On the topic of energy and biofuels, the research to be developed by INTEC will be: “Methodology for the optimization of operating reserves in the wholesale electricity market of the Dominican Republic with high penetration of variable renewable energy” and “Development of digital co-simulation environments for the control of intelligent micro-grids.”

INTEC researchers are organized into 23 research groups on various topics and develop about 34 research projects with the university’s funds.

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