Local December 12, 2023 | 9:22 am

Dominican Government aids 300 families affected by tropical disturbance in Santo Domingo Oeste

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican government recently provided essential assistance to nearly 300 families in Santo Domingo Oeste, who were adversely affected by the severe tropical disturbance and heavy rains in late November. This aid is part of a larger effort to support families most impacted by the weather events, with a distribution of 514 crucial household items to enhance their living conditions.

Gloria Reyes, the General Director of the Supérate program, emphasized the government’s commitment to aiding the recovery of these families, as pledged by President Luis Abinader. The distribution included a range of household essentials such as refrigerators, stoves, beds, and washing machines, focusing on families in dire need.

The joint collaboration between the Supérate program and the National Student Welfare Institute (INABIE) facilitated this distribution. The items were handed out in several localities, including Bella Colina, Arrollo Bonito, Manoguayabo, Las Caobas, El Quilombo, La Cienaga, and Chumplun. This phase of the intervention followed initial efforts that concentrated on providing food and household cleaning supplies.

In addition to these efforts, First Lady Raquel Arbaje has visited affected victims, and there has been a prior distribution of school supplies and tablets. These initiatives are part of a broader government response to the disaster.

Among the beneficiaries is Mariana Galván’s family, who tragically lost her husband and daughter during the storms and also faced the loss of all their household belongings. Víctor Castro, the Executive Director of INABIE, reiterated the government’s commitment, as directed by President Abinader, to support affected families until they can replace lost items and regain normalcy.

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