Local December 13, 2023 | 10:18 am

Dominican Republic prepares airport security plan for Christmas festivities

Santo Domingo.- The Tourism Cabinet of the Dominican Republic, led by Minister of Tourism David Collado, is in the process of developing a comprehensive security plan for the country’s airports during the upcoming Christmas period. This plan, which aims to ensure the safe mobility of tourists and Dominicans residing abroad arriving through various air terminals, is set to be unveiled next week.

Minister Collado announced that the security strategy would involve collaboration among different public order and security entities. This initiative is part of the government’s efforts to provide a safe and welcoming environment for visitors during the festive season.

In addition to the security plan, Collado highlighted the Dominican Republic’s significant progress in its tourism sector. The country is nearing its ambitious goal of welcoming 10 million tourists, having already received 9,105,043 visitors by November last year, setting a new record.

Collado’s monthly press conference revealed that in November alone, 636,460 visitors arrived by air, including 542,229 foreigners and 94,231 Dominicans living abroad. This number represents a 38% increase over 2019, 22% more than in 2021, and 11% higher than the previous year.

Cruise tourism also continues to show robust growth, with 223,393 cruise passengers arriving in November, contributing to a total of 1,913,991 in the first eleven months of the year.

The significant influx of tourists, predominantly from the United States, Canada, Colombia, Germany, and Argentina, has been a boon for various airports across the country. Punta Cana Airport leads with 58% of tourist arrivals, followed by Las Américas (26%), Cibao (10%), Puerto Plata (5%), and La Romana, Samaná, and La Isabela (1% each).

This surge in tourism and the forthcoming security plan for the Christmas season reflect the Dominican Republic’s successful efforts in boosting its tourism industry and ensuring visitor safety.

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