Local December 14, 2023 | 1:48 pm

Major renovation underway in Capotillo’s 42nd street by PROPEEP

Santo Domingo.- The General Directorate of Strategic and Special Projects of the Presidency (PROPEEP) has initiated a comprehensive renovation project on 42nd Street in the Capotillo neighborhood of the National District. This first stage includes the artistic transformation and rehabilitation of 142 businesses and homes, with three buildings being entirely reconstructed following a fire incident.

The renovation encompasses the beautification of 800 linear meters with public art, showcasing the cultural values and significant aspects of the area. A key feature of this project is the construction of a cultural innovation center upon completion. Additionally, the project involves the undergrounding of electricity cables and the installation of security cameras, enhancing both the aesthetic appeal and safety of the neighborhood.

The initiative, announced months ago by PROPEEP Director Roberto Ángel Salcedo, is being undertaken under the instructions of President Luis Abinader. The president’s vision is to transform not only 42nd Street but the entire Capotillo neighborhood. This transformation is a collaborative effort, involving various State institutions, sociology professionals, clubs, and other sociocultural and community entities. Participants include the Ministries of the Interior and Police, and of Culture, the Dominican Institute of Telecommunications (Indotel), the Senatorial Office, the Mayor’s Office of the National District, electricity and telephone service providers, the Dominican Institute of Arts (Indarte), the Escoba Foundation, neighborhood associations, and more.

Technicians who previously worked in the Colonial Zone of the capital are contributing their expertise to the undergrounding of electrical wiring. Roberto Ángel emphasized that the project aims not only to enhance the environment but also to provide the youth of the sector with a cultural innovation center. This center, coordinated with the Ministry of Culture, is designed to foster the development of young individuals in various art and culture branches and encourage entrepreneurship in these fields.

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