Local December 15, 2023 | 10:11 am

Border market resumes operations amidst border tension

Dajabon.- The border market in Dajabón city witnessed a significant gathering of both Haitian and Dominican merchants this Friday, following the recent demolition of the border gate on the Juana Méndez side. This action facilitated the entry of Haitian traders into the international business center, marking a notable resumption of activities which had been suspended for over three months.

The day saw a bustling exchange with Dominicans showcasing a variety of products and merchandise, and Haitians offering textiles, footwear, and appliances. To maintain order, Cesfront (Specialized Land Border Security Corps) coordinated the movement of merchants, directing them through the Customs and Immigration terminal for necessary checks before entering the market area.

Despite the resumption of trading activities, the biometric registration area saw little to no activity from foreign traders. However, personnel from the DNI (National Investigations Department) were present at the site. Transactions and operations are proceeding through the established normal entry point, involving necessary immigration processes and customs duties.

Cesfront is actively managing the organization of Haitian traders, forming queues to regulate their entry and exit from the Dominican territory. Meanwhile, a significant number of ‘travelers’ are waiting on the Dominican side of the security gate, anticipating permission to cross back into their territory.

As of now, there has been no report on whether Haitian authorities plan to re-establish control over their portion of the border. The border remains open, currently lacking formal controls on the Haitian side following the incident that led to the gate’s demolition in Juana Méndez.

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