Local December 15, 2023 | 1:53 pm

Dominican Republic’s DNCD President advocates for stronger international cooperation in anti- corruption efforts

Santo Domingo.- Vice Admiral Jose Manuel Cabrera Ulloa, President of the Dominican Republic’s National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD), emphasized the critical role of international collaboration in combating organized crime and corruption at the 10th Conference of States Parties to the United Nations Convention against Corruption. He underscored the DNCD’s key position in gathering and analyzing strategic and operational intelligence to fight drug production, trafficking, and abuse both domestically and internationally.

Cabrera Ulloa proposed enhanced measures to streamline international legal assistance, calling for more efficient judicial procedures and flexible cooperation mechanisms. This approach aims to facilitate the rapid exchange of information among countries dedicated to eradicating corruption and organized crime. He stressed that these criminal activities fuel violence in various forms, posing significant threats to global security.

He also suggested developing strategies to engage non-member states in anti-corruption efforts, encouraging them to cooperate within their legal frameworks. This move is intended to prevent corrupt individuals from seeking safe haven in these nations, ensuring that those engaged in illegal activities cannot escape prosecution.

The Vice Admiral’s propositions highlight the Dominican Republic’s dedication to forming a collective front against these international challenges, reinforcing the country’s commitment to maintaining global stability and security.

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December 16, 2023 8:38 pm

“advocating”…paráklētos…let’s move from words to deeds already …