Local December 17, 2023 | 3:36 pm

Dreams fulfilled: 27 embrace Dominican citizenship

Santo Domingo.- Hailing from nations like Pakistan and Italy, 27 individuals officially became Dominicans at a December 14th ceremony organized by the Ministry of the Interior and Police.

The countries of origin of the new Dominican citizens are: Romania, Russia, France, the United States, Venezuela, Peru, Cuba, El Salvador, Colombia, Nicaragua, Haiti, Pakistan and Italy.

The residents completed their naturalization process, with 23 by marriage and four through the ordinary route.

From 13 nations, 27 find home in the Dominican Republic.

Beaming at the new citizens, Minister Jesús Vásquez declared, “It’s a joy to share Dominican citizenship with you today!” He then rallied the group, “Let’s all work together to make our country even safer.”

“It is now your country, we must take care of it, work to make a better country,” Minister Vásquez stressed.

Vice Minister of Migration Affairs, Juan Manuel Santos, warmly welcomed the new citizens. He reminded them that they now enjoy the right to vote, and after ten years, the path to elected office or even the executive branch opens up. “Welcome aboard, and congratulations on becoming Dominicans!,” he said.

The activity was attended by the director of the Ministry’s Naturalization Department, Benito Vidal, and the director of Migration Affairs, Laura Mariñez.

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