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Uncontrolled street vending and garbage accumulation plague Greater Santo Domingo

Santo Domingo.-Greater Santo Domingo, a bustling urban center in the Dominican Republic, faces significant challenges with informal street vending and garbage accumulation. The city’s sidewalks, particularly in areas like Villa Juana, are cluttered with stalls selling food, clothing, and cell phones, leaving little space for pedestrians. This results in a chaotic urban landscape, with pedestrians often forced to walk on the streets, risking accidents.

Villa Juana is notably affected by garbage accumulation, especially near fast food and clothing stalls. This has led to persistent unpleasant odors and calls for improved garbage collection from local residents. The upcoming elections might prompt action from authorities, but residents remain skeptical.

Villa María is another sector grappling with similar issues. Streets and sidewalks are crowded with vendors selling various items, from clothing to cell phone accessories, even encroaching upon school areas. Juan Pablo Duarte Avenue, in particular, sees a mix of Dominican and Haitian vendors, with the waste from their businesses littering the streets.

In Villa Fontana, a large rubber tree obscures an entire street corner, and businesses use the sidewalks for activities, further hindering pedestrian movement. The lack of garbage disposal facilities exacerbates the situation, with vendors often leaving waste on the streets.

The Enriquillo neighborhood and Kilometer 9 of the Duarte highway also suffer from street vending overcrowding and garbage issues. In these areas, cars and motorcycles parked on sidewalks force pedestrians onto the streets, while uncollected trash blocks drainage systems, causing water accumulation and odors.

Efforts to manage these issues, such as relocating vendors, are sporadic and often temporary. The daily reality for Santo Domingo’s residents includes navigating through congested streets and sidewalks, amidst unregulated vending activities and mounting garbage, posing risks to both safety and public health.

Source: Listin Diario

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December 18, 2023 7:27 pm

everyone is aware of this …
what’s the solution ?!
solution for us is science fiction …