Local December 19, 2023 | 8:18 am

Floods isolate hundreds in Monte Plata Province following Ozama River overflow

Monte Plata.- Heavy rains from a tropical disturbance have led to the flooding of the Ozama River on Monday afternoon, leaving several communities in the Peralvillo municipality, Monte Plata province, isolated. The deluge has significantly impacted areas such as La Cuaba, Serralles, La Gina, Mata de Plátano, Los Arroyos, La Guazuma, and Bohuco Colorado.

Residents are urging President Luis Abinader to prioritize the construction of a bridge over the Ozama River in Peralvillo. This infrastructure is deemed critical as these communities regularly face hardships whenever there are heavy rains. In the meantime, some locals have been making ends meet by ferrying people across the floodwaters on motorcycles for a fee of 100 pesos, seeking ways to provide for their families during this challenging time.

Although the Monte Plata province has not been officially put on alert by the Emergency Operations Center, there are expectations of worsening conditions due to the ongoing weather patterns.

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