Local December 22, 2023 | 2:37 pm

Edesur Lights Up Villa Palomino, Transforming Lives and Boosting Local Economy

Azua.- Edesur Dominicana has successfully electrified and illuminated the previously underserved community of Villa Palomino, bringing a vital source of electrical energy that will support agricultural development and enhance the overall quality of life for its residents.

General Administrator Milton Morrison emphasized that this electrification and lighting initiative undertaken by Edesur has not only contributed to the community’s commercial growth but has also significantly improved the well-being of its inhabitants while invigorating the local economy.

The project has positively impacted around 103 families residing in this remote rural area of the Dominican Republic. According to Milton Morrison, the true significance of such small-scale projects lies not solely in their financial investment but in the profound transformation they bring about in people’s lives, community development, and economic growth.

The comprehensive project involved the construction of 2,100 kilometers of medium-voltage networks, the installation of 1,838 kilometers of low-voltage networks, the erection of 62 utility poles, the deployment of 6 transformers, and the installation of 50 streetlights.

The formal inauguration of the electrification and lighting project was led by engineer Milton Morrison, with the presence of civil and provincial governor of Azua, Ángela Pérez Díaz, along with local residents, other Edesur officials, and local authorities. Mayor Wilmore Morel from Padres Las Casas expressed gratitude to President Luis Abinader, through Edesur, for bringing the benefits of lighting and electrification to their community.

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