Local December 23, 2023 | 12:55 pm

Drivers urged to drive with moderation on highways

On the occasion of the Christmas and New Year holidays, the Ministry of Public Works and Communications will intensify the deployment of its various agencies involved in road safety, such as the Military and Police Commission RD-Vial, among others, to make it safer for drivers to travel on the country’s highways and to provide assistance if necessary.
Minister Deligne Ascención wished Dominican families to enjoy the Christmas and New Year holidays in peace and harmony.

“Especially, in the intense displacements that we will make during these Christmas days we must avoid grief and damage to our families, driving with moderation in our vehicles and respecting the speed limits and other traffic laws,” he said in a message to the citizens.

He mentioned that during this week, he met with the Minister of Education, Ángel Hernández, and other authorities and agencies related to traffic to reinforce orientations and measures to reduce accidents on urban and interurban roads.

He emphasized that traffic accidents are a matter of President Luis Abinader’s and his government’s most excellent attention, which is working on improving traffic safety.

Among these measures are installing monorail systems in Los Alcarrizos, bus corridors in Greater Santo Domingo, and the prompt operation of a monorail rail line and cable car system in Santiago.

“In addition to these measures, we have intensified the completion and inauguration of a large number of works, which are making our highways and roads more modern and safer,” he concluded.

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