Local December 23, 2023 | 12:49 pm

President Abinader delivers several works in Samaná

President Luis Abinader delivered yesterday in Las Galeras, Samaná, the plaza of vendors, the rehabilitated pedestrian access to the beaches and delivered sanitary supplies and several vehicular units to the Tourism Police (Politur), which are part of the recovery of the tourist pole front.

“We will continue to support Samaná, we will continue to support with these projects and we really feel very happy,” he said.

He noted that they are already prepared to start next year at the docks of Las Galeras and Los Cacaos.

To start the works at the entrance of Samaná, he maintained that “they have been respectful of the people who live at the entrance and have been in conversation for the acquisition of the spaces to complete with the required spaces” for the work.

Regarding the construction of the Port of Arroyo Barril, a public-private partnership, he indicated that it could start in February and provide between 500 and 700 direct jobs, thus energizing the area of Samaná and Sánchez.

He added that these works are part of the virtuous development circle to create satisfaction and quality of life.

“They are 200 million pesos, but here there was no road, it was a quagmire, there were no sidewalks or curbs for people to walk. We lasted a long time facing situations that arose in the construction, but here we are and the best thing and what I can assure you publicly, is that in the Ministry of Tourism no one received a penny for this work,” said David Collado, the Minister of Tourism at the ceremony.

He stated that “transparency is non-negotiable; we have five universities, headed by INTEC, which carry out the oversight process of all the works, we also include the Adventist Church, the Catholic Church, and also the private sector entrepreneurs.”

He announced that several hotel chains plan to invest more than US$200 million in Samaná province.

“The time is coming for Samaná as a whole to become a strong tourist province,” he said.

He highlighted that Mitur alone is investing RD$1.7 billion in the province of Samaná.

Pedro Catrain, senator for Samaná, said that the province’s residents should be proud because President Abinader has set his eye on the province and is building several works.

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