Local December 24, 2023 | 11:22 am

Leonel gives Christmas boxes as Christmas Eve gifts

Santo Domingo—Leonel Fernández, the presidential candidate for the People’s Force Party, handed out Christmas baskets today on Christmas Eve while clarifying that the activity is part of a tradition he has carried out for decades, whether in power or not.

“2023 has been a tough year for Dominican society; it has been a year that the economy (is projected) will only grow by 2 percent. It has been years since the Dominican economy had slowed down so much, but also a year in which the prices of the basic food basket remain very high,” criticized Fernandez.

He added that he has been in contact with popular sectors of the population, and they tell him how difficult it is to have access to essential goods and the need they have to feed themselves. At the time, he said that food had become a fundamental issue in Dominican society.

He stressed that the Dominican people deserve, during the Christmas holidays, to have access to fundamental issues and details, such as food, which the party he heads will provide:

“I have already seen here a quite long line, which goes all the way to Bolivar Avenue, which indicates that the people are eager and anxious to be able to receive this food,” expressed Leonel.

Fernández was accompanied by the candidates for the National District’s three electoral districts and by the entity’s foremost leaders in which he presides.

As explained in a press release, the people who received the baskets from the Fuerza del Pueblo are socially marginalized and have unsatisfied needs.

The baskets were distributed at the headquarters of the entity, Benito Monción Avenue, Gascuez sector, where Leonel Fernández, presidential candidate of the Fuerza del Pueblo party and allied entities for the electoral processes of 2024, delivered the Christmas boxes to humble people of the Dominican capital, as is his custom for this time of the year.

Since the early morning of Saturday, December 23, people gathered near the premises of the opposition political entity, waiting to receive the usual Christmas gifts from the hand of the political leader.

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December 27, 2023 7:18 am

Old habits die hard.