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What CAASD said about water supply during the Christmas holidays

Santo Domingo—The Santo Domingo Aqueduct and Sewerage Corporation (CAASD) announced that its brigades will work permanently during the holidays to guarantee efficient drinking water supply in the National District and the province.
In a press release, the institution informed that the technical teams and the call center will work 24 hours a day during Christmas Eve and Christmas.

In this sense, it explained that, as usual, the personnel of the Operations Department and the Project Executing Unit will be working permanently to provide an immediate response to any eventualities that may arise.

“Our priority is to guarantee a quality service to the population of Greater Santo Domingo in a constant and responsible manner,” said the Corporation.

It also pointed out that during the week just ended, drinking water production reached 408 million gallons per day, an optimum amount that benefits the residents of Greater Santo Domingo.

The Corporation also stated that the Valdesia Santo Domingo aqueduct is fully operational. It was noted that the Valdesia Dam is 149.41 meters above sea level, and Jigüey is 541.27 meters above sea level.

The CAASD assured that this production would maintain a stable service to all users due to the level and flow of the Haina, Isabela, Isa Mana, Duey, and Ozama rivers which supply the Valdesia-Santo Domingo aqueduct.

He also emphasized that the institution’s call center will also continue to operate during the weekend from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. to receive emergency complaints in case of any eventuality in the drinking water distribution lines.

Message to the population

Felipe Subeví called on the population to celebrate these festivities within the framework of prudence, always taking with them the true meaning of the season, which consists of family unity and sharing. In addition, he reiterated, to make a rational use of water resources.

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