Local December 26, 2023 | 9:56 am

Ministry of the Presidency supports families affected by explosion on Christmas Eve

Santo Domingo.- On Christmas Eve, the Ministry of the Presidency extended a helping hand to families impacted by a recent explosion. Vice Minister Benny Metz, on behalf of Minister Joel Santos, joined by Joel Soto and Diego López from Supérate, distributed gifts to the affected families. The aid included boxes, vouchers, food rations, and the 3rd monthly installment of economic assistance.

Metz emphasized the government’s dedication to these families, affirming their ongoing support as mandated by President Luis Abinader, especially during the Christmas season, a time for compassion and solidarity. He expressed gratitude to various organizations and individuals for their support, including Supérate, the Government of San Cristóbal, the Presidency, and Doña Melba Grullón from the Sur Futuro Foundation.

The event also saw the participation of a team of collaborators, led by Rafael Amparo from Presidential Management and Yvelise Laureano from Minpre, among others. This gesture reflects the government’s commitment to providing continued support and care to those affected by the tragedy during the festive season.

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