Local December 30, 2023 | 11:07 am

Majority of respondents forecast a better future for the country

National District —At least eight out of 10 people consulted in neighborhoods such as Capotillo, Simón Bolívar, Cristo Rey, Villas Agrícolas, La Isabela, and others in the National District have faith shortly, predicting a more prosperous 2024 in economic and social terms.

Sérgida María, of María Montés Street, in Villas Agrícolas, hopes that next year will be one of more significant progress and prosperity for the Dominican people, noting that God blesses this nation and will not forsake it.

Cristino Medrano, a street vendor, trusts in the Lord that the coming year will be calm, with as little conflict as possible, so that economic development will reach all sectors.

Alenio Fulcar, of 26th Street, in Villas Agrícolas, observes a suitable environment for next year to be better than 2023, as is a good administration of the current government, as well as a favorable climate for the production of food items.

José Augusto, from the Cristo Rey sector, points out that in 2023, he did not do very well as a street vendor. However, he estimates that 2024 would be better according to the forecasts, besides the fact that it will be an election year. Bárbara Pérez, from 32nd Street, trusts in a near future that is much better than the current one, with health and the government working so that progress can be seen.

Carmen de la Cruz, from the Capotillo neighborhood, indicates that if 2023 were terrible, the coming 2024 would be worse, so only God will save Dominicans.

For Antonio Taveras, a furniture and mattress repairer in the Capotillo neighborhood, the economic and social situation is now better than in previous years. He predicts a 2024 full of expectations if nature blesses the nation.

On her side, María Pérez, who defines herself as a Jehovah’s Witness, affirms that there will be a beautiful 2024 full of hope if everyone respects the government. However, she believes the Almighty is the only one who can straighten out the situation.

Alexandra Guerrero, from Las Cañitas, expects a better New Year, considering that the country was affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, which practically closed the nation.

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December 31, 2023 8:54 am

The almighty will be busy next year…jjj