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How many films were made in the Dominican Republic in 2023?

Santo Domingo—The Dominican Republic is consolidating its position as an outstanding co-producer in the international film industry during 2023, showing sustained growth in other countries in the region and the rest of the world.

The General Directorate of Cinema (DGCINE) is proud of its achievements, which have significantly impacted the national economy, local talent, and the international projection of Dominican cinema as a promising environment for co-production.

Economic growth and social benefit

During 2023, the Dominican film industry generated a significant economic impact, contributing RD$10,197 million through 120 productions, of which 75 were domestic and 45 foreign. Surprisingly, only 12 of these productions benefited from the tax credit incentive, which denotes how attractive the country is even without tax benefits.

This impact translated into a positive boost for sectors such as food and beverages, hospitality, transportation, construction, and small and medium-sized enterprises.

We also highlight that 35 Dominican films were released this year, demonstrating the sustained growth of our local industry.

At the Intersectoral Council for the Promotion of Cinematographic Activity (CIPAC) meetings, a total of RD$15,905,909,280.23 was validated for incentive purposes, including projects filmed in previous years.

In addition to injecting significant foreign exchange, international productions have highlighted the natural and cultural wealth of the country, positively impacting communities such as Monción, Salcedo, Jamao Al Norte, Bahía de las Águilas, and others.

Cinemateca Dominicana: Film dissemination and preservation

The Cinemateca Dominicana has played a fundamental role in promoting and preserving Dominican cinema. We highlight the achievements of the program ”Cinemateca Sobre Ruedas” (Cinematheque on Wheels), which carried out more than 315 screenings in 9 provinces. Likewise, together with other dissemination programs, the ”Cinemateca en TV” initiative, in collaboration with the Corporación Estatal de Radio y Televisión Dominicana (RTVD), has reached more than 1,472,000 citizens.

At the international level, in coordination with embassies and international organizations, in its role as disseminator, the Cinemateca Dominicana reached 26 countries worldwide with 34 film cycles and exhibitions.

In addition, essential adaptations were made to spaces, such as the recently inaugurated Arturo Rodríguez Media Library and the refurbishment of the vault to safeguard the film heritage.

The acquisition of a screen for the Agilberto Meléndez Film Room, which will be inaugurated in the first half of 2024, donated by the Jazz At Lincoln Center and the National Freight Service (NFS), as well as the acquisition of more than US$43,000 from UNESCO’s Creative Caribbean Program for the digital storage system, have significantly strengthened the infrastructure of the Cinemateca Dominicana.

DR as a film destination and internationalization of national talent

The Dominican Republic has been recognized at the Global Production Awards for the “Film Friendly Samaná” project, awarded as an emerging location of 2023. The DGCINE was nominated for the Best Film Commission Team Award in Cannes, France, competing with outstanding countries.

The DGCINE achieved a significant institutional presence in 13 international festivals and markets, promoting the country as a film destination and highlighting the country’s talent.

45 Dominican filmmakers were supported for their international projection, while 57 Dominican films were promoted in global markets and festivals. In addition, the DGCINE was elected to represent the DR on the CAACI Advisory Council in Portugal and participated for the first time in MEDICI in Madrid, Spain.

FONPROCINE: Financial support and project development

The FONPROCINE 2023 Public Competition awarded more than 16 million pesos in prizes. It evidenced the confidence in the Competition and the maturity of the film initiatives by the 39 projects pre-selected out of 46 applications.

The ”Script Rewriting”, ”ABC Project Laboratory” and ”Project Development” advisory programs have benefited seven projects each, contributing to developing and strengthening the national film industry.

Training and development of human capital

The DGCINE has prioritized training oriented to the needs of the industry. Initiatives such as “My First Film Job” have allowed 53 film students and graduates of our training programs to enter the labor market in more than 22 film productions since September 2022.

In addition, more than 3,345 people have benefited from 73 training activities, including lectures, workshops, and courses. Needs identified in the results of the Human Capital Sector Survey (LSCH) conducted annually by the DGCINE.

Institutional Strengthening DGCINE

The DGCINE obtained a maximum score of 100% in transparency and 99% in quality standards in the first version of the Citizen Commitment Charter of the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP).

The implementation of the “Box Office” system and the integration of services to the Single Window for Investment (VUI) testify to the institution’s commitment to efficiency and excellence in its services to citizens. In addition, more than 3,190 documents have already been signed in FirmaGob, contributing to implementing the Zero Bureaucracy: Towards an Efficient Government program.

In summary, 2023 has been a year of significant achievements for the Directorate General of Cinema (DGCINE), consolidating the Dominican Republic as a reference in the film industry at regional and international levels.

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