Local January 4, 2024 | 8:16 am

Arrests in Operation Nest uncover real estate fraud network

Santo Domingo.- In a major crackdown, the Public Ministry, collaborating with the National Police, has detained Emmanuel Rivera Ledesma and others implicated in a significant real estate fraud. The operation, named ‘Operation Nest,’ involved extensive raids across various provinces, including San Cristóbal, Dajabón, Espaillat, Sánchez Ramírez, and the National District.

This extensive operation, which included 170 police officers and 28 prosecutors, was focused on executing search and arrest warrants linked to the fraud investigation. Vital evidence related to the fraud scheme was also seized during these raids.

The investigation has uncovered a list of at least 144 victims who had lodged complaints against the fraudulent network. These individuals were swindled into paying substantial sums for properties that were never delivered. Additionally, those who filed complaints were reportedly threatened and intimidated by Rivera Ledesma, the alleged ringleader.

The fraud was orchestrated through several corporate entities, including Indisarq, SRL, CRD Equipos Pesados, SRL, the Wimar Group, SRL, and Auto Xperts AFM SRL. These companies were used to create a complex real estate scam, victimizing numerous individuals. The investigation has also revealed Rivera Ledesma’s use of prominent names to lend credibility to his schemes and the extravagant lifestyle led by several network members using the defrauded funds.

As a result of these findings, the Public Ministry is preparing to request coercive measures against the arrested individuals to prevent evidence destruction and mitigate any threats to the victims.

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