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Rodolfo Valentín Santos commends Supreme Court President on Judiciary Day in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- On the occasion of the Judiciary Day in the Dominican Republic, Rodolfo Valentín Santos, Director of the National Office of Public Defense, expressed his commendation for Luis Henry Molina Peña, President of the Supreme Court of Justice. Santos praised Molina Peña’s extraordinary leadership and his role in enhancing the integrity and credibility of the Judiciary.

Valentín Santos acknowledged the significant progress made by the Judiciary, emphasizing the ongoing efforts to uphold human dignity and modernize the justice system. This modernization has been instrumental in improving access to justice for all citizens.

In his statement, Santos emphasized the need to continue breaking down barriers of indifference and to strengthen the rule of law. He pointed out the critical need to address domestic violence and to promote restorative justice, particularly for Children and Adolescents.

Santos called for a shift in mindset, advocating for a society built on human values that works collectively to eliminate social injustice, disrespect for human dignity, and the neglect of mental health issues.

He aligned with the Supreme Court President’s vision of transforming the country into “the world capital of Law and Justice.” Santos noted that the Judiciary’s leadership is steering the justice system towards a pivotal moment, one that requires the participation and contribution of all.

Highlighting the Judiciary’s rapid advancement with key projects to solidify the rule of law, Valentín Santos reaffirmed the National Public Defense Office’s commitment to this transformative process. He stressed the Office’s dedication to actively collaborating in building a fairer, more equitable, and accessible society for all Dominicans.

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