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Virginia Antares advocates for comprehensive policy reforms as Presidential Candidate

Santo Domingo.- Virginia Antares, the presidential candidate of the Democratic Option Party, is advocating for significant changes in the Dominican Republic’s salary policy and broader social systems. In an interview on the “Esferas de Poder” program, Antares emphasized the need for Dominican families to have a sustained increase in income, despite the country’s economic growth and productivity improvements in recent decades.

Her proposal goes beyond mere salary hikes. Antares envisions a reformed salary policy designed to ensure higher and consistent income levels for Dominican families in the coming decades. She believes that income levels are a critical factor in determining the quality of life for most people.

Antares also highlighted education as a key focus area, asserting that society will remain stagnant without a quality public education system. She aims to establish an educational system that ranks among the best in the region. Along with education, she stressed the need to reform the health system.

The presidential hopeful also pointed out the necessity for urgent changes in environmental policy and citizen security. Her vision includes a society where youth have ample opportunities and public services function efficiently, contributing to reduced inequality, crime, and violence.

Regarding pensions, Antares proposed a transformation of the current system. She criticized the existing system, claiming it was designed more as a business around Administrators of Pension Funds (AFP) than with the dignity of retirees in mind. Her proposal includes creating a public pay-as-you-go pension system, similar to those in over 90% of the world’s countries. This system would guarantee decent pensions, in contrast to the current mandatory private savings system, which she argues does not ensure a dignified retirement.

Antares suggests that while private AFP savings systems could exist, they should be voluntary, not mandatory, advocating for a national public distribution system. She believes the current system falls short of providing true social security.

Her goal is to align the pension system with standards recommended by the International Labor Organization (ILO), envisioning a Dominican Republic where citizens can live well, with justice, quality of life, and security, without the need to seek these abroad.

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Peter Harris
January 8, 2024 8:53 am

Very interesting proposals. I hope there is a televised Presidential Debate. Elections should be about the exchange of ideas and vision.

Last edited 1 month ago by Peter Harris