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Santo Domingo celebrates Juan Pablo Duarte with “Duartiana Ride for the Homeland”

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican capital, Santo Domingo, is set to host the “Duartiana Ride for the Homeland” parade this Sunday, January 14, as part of the 211th anniversary celebrations of the birth of Juan Pablo Duarte, the nation’s founding father. Organized by the Duartiano Institute, the event is a patriotic and family-friendly activity that will feature a display of dozens of quadrupeds from various equestrian groups.

The event will commence at 3 PM with a brief ceremony at the Altar of the Patria, in Independencia Park, led by Wilson Gómez Ramírez, president of the Duartiano Institute. The parade will then proceed through key streets of the Colonial City, including Arzobispo Nouel, La Pina, Padre Billini, and more, culminating back at Independencia Park.

Participants include the Cavalry Unit of the Armed Forces, the Livestock Directorate, and over 10 associations and equestrian clubs like Adopaso, Equis Club, and Acph. The event will also feature a floral offering, the national anthem by the Army Headquarters music band, and speeches by distinguished guests.

Additionally, the Duartiano Institute has planned various activities to commemorate Duarte’s 211th birth anniversary and the Month of the Homeland. These include the Duartiana Olympics for Those Deprived of Liberty, the unveiling of a Duarte bust in The Hague, medal presentation ceremonies, and a mass at the Primate Cathedral of America.

There will also be a concert, “I show you my Homeland,” at the Duarte-Díez family home and the traditional patriotic exhibition by the Antique and Classic Car Club of the Dominican Republic (CAACRD) in Bonao. The celebrations will continue with the “Caravan for the Homeland” parade featuring antique and classic cars, alongside other cultural and official events across the country and at foreign branches.

These festivities highlight the Dominican Republic’s rich history and culture, honoring the legacy of Juan Pablo Duarte and fostering national pride among citizens.

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