Health January 13, 2024 | 9:42 am

Cholera in Los Mina, Covid-19, pertussis and other threats

Santo Domingo—The year 2024 began with several challenges and threats to the health of Dominicans, including cases of cholera, dengue fever, and whooping cough in the adult population.

Cases of Covid-19 and other respiratory infections increased considerably, which keeps the population worried. For specialists, the most important thing is to maintain epidemiological surveillance and to activate educational programs to educate the population and empower them in health.

In 2023, the country had several outbreaks of cholera, and the year that began recently, in the Vietnam sector of Los Mina, in Santo Domingo East, the inhabitants of the area reported cases of acute diarrhea suspected of cholera. The health authorities are investigating the possibility of cholera cases in the Vietnam sector of Los Mina.

If the cases are confirmed, an epidemiologic fence will be established, informed the Minister of Health, Dr. Daniel Rivera.

Other problems
According to the first reports of the year 2024, the viruses that cause respiratory infections are very active. Among them is the respiratory syncytial.

Likewise, there is a reactivation of health problems, such as asthma and allergies, due to environmental issues and global warming, says Dr. Clemente Terrero, pediatrician and infectious disease specialist.

Regarding the cases of whooping cough in the adult population, the health authorities remained silent. The Ministry of Public Health called on the population to redouble hygiene measures to avoid increasing diseases, especially viral ones. And to go to the nearest vaccination posts to reinforce their defenses.

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