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Expert proposes including road safety education in schools

Santo Domingo—The current crisis facing traffic and mobility in Greater Santo Domingo and other cities of the country requires more of a human and social approach than a technical one, in the opinion of consultant Ángel Leonel Canó Rodríguez of the firm REC&M, Abogados Consultores.

This is explained by the expert and legal consultant, who understands that planning is essential. However, he warns that getting citizens to change reckless behavior, lack of empathy for other people’s time, respect for the space on the road, and yielding the right of way “will take a lot of time and effort.”

Canó Rodríguez’s statement is contained in a letter sent to the director of Listín Diario, Miguel Franjul, in which he makes suggestions on aspects that he believes should be evaluated during the Forum on Urban Mobility, which will be held next Tuesday, promoted by Listín Diario.

He said road education and its values should be imparted from homes and schools.

“The forum should serve as a vehicle for the Ministry of Education to include the subject of road education in the educational curriculum in order to promote a real change of generational paradigm.”

He understands that the forum’s debate should go in the direction of “teaching us to walk first and then to drive, teaching us to stand in line, respect the turn and time of others and thus be able to see real changes on the roads.

“I hope that this forum is the first of many that will allow us to continue talking about this issue that affects our physical and emotional health, our safety, and even our own lives,” he says in the message.

Canó Rodríguez explains that in 2015, he participated in the review and structuring of Law 63-17, enacted in 2017 by Danilo Medina, and the development of regulations and rules mandated by the law together with Intrant consultants and advisors from 2017 to 2020.

Other topics for discussion are the de-characterization of the vehicle fleet, enforcement of emissions standards, technical vehicle review, and refocusing work and school schedules to decongest the roads.

Also, to promote the digitalization of driver’s licenses, certifications, and traffic qualifications; to establish by decree or law the definitive circulation of heavy vehicles through the ring road and improve logistic movements within the city.

In addition, to promote mass transportation and the education of drivers, to apply the provisions of law for public transportation, charging and determination of stops so as not to obstruct traffic, and to return to pedestrian fines.

He said that structurally, changes could be made to the roads, the capacity of the agents could be improved, and some measures could be made more flexible.

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January 14, 2024 1:15 pm

When I see the law obeying the law i will start obeying the law, until then its just blah blah blah