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Ceara Hatton inspects infrastructure readjustment in Pedernales protected areas

Image from newspaper El caribe

Pedernales.- Minister of Environment and Natural Resources, Miguel Ceara Hatton, conducted a supervision tour of visitor centers in the protected areas, which are being revamped to welcome both Dominican and foreign tourists interested in exploring the national parks of the southern region. This initiative aligns with the Government’s promotion of tourism activities in this area.

Ceara Hatton clarified that the purpose of the visit was to inspect various sections of the Sierra de Bahoruco and Jaragua national parks, where ongoing improvements encompass infrastructure for visitation, ecotourism, surveillance, and protection. These enhancements are integral to the development of Pedernales and the overall management of these two protected areas.

With an investment of at least RD$76.2 million, the Ministry of the Environment is in the final stages of readapting visitation centers in the protected areas. This budget includes RD$8.0 million allocated for a truck, two buggies, and eight motorcycles.

Accompanied by part of his team and Pavel Isa Contreras, Minister of Economy, Planning, and Development, Ceara Hatton visited Los Arroyos, where a control and surveillance facility is under construction. This facility is designed to have three rooms, a living area, a warehouse, and an access point to the park, with a budget of approximately four million pesos.

During their visit, Ceara Hatton and Isa Contreras engaged with the governor of Pedernales, Altagracia Brea, discussing the positive momentum the province is experiencing with the upsurge in tourism. They also emphasized the importance of maintaining sustainable development to preserve natural resources over time.

The tour continued to Hoyo de Pelempito, Las Mercedes, Bahía de Las Águilas, and the Oviedo lagoon, allowing Ceara Hatton to interact with park rangers and assess infrastructure conditions. He expressed his commitment to ensuring that all elements align for the successful execution of the Government’s ambitious project to develop Pedernales.

Ceara Hatton highlighted the role of these protected areas in offering visitation services to tourists, enriching the perspective of the Dominican Republic beyond its beaches. He emphasized the significance of showcasing other important areas, making a valuable contribution to the country’s diverse tourism offerings.

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