Local January 15, 2024 | 10:37 am

Dominican fugitive in Spain fights extradition

Illustrative Image: Photo from Pexels

Spain-. The most sought-after fugitive in the Dominican Republic, accused of killing her employer, implored the Spanish National Court not to extradite her back to her home country. Apprehended in Madrid last April, the Dominican woman expressed fears of being murdered if returned.

During the extradition hearing, she confessed to wrongdoing but articulated her fear for her life. She cited “mistreatment” at her workplace and an ongoing appeal against the rejection of her asylum application in Spain. The prosecution, however, pushed for her extradition.

Her arguments against extradition centered on fears of retaliation and her pending asylum appeal. She is charged with murdering her boss at a hardware store in April 2022 following a heated argument. The woman, a single mother of three, spoke of enduring abuse at work but felt compelled to stay due to her responsibilities as a parent.

Prosecutor Carlos Bautista countered her claims, stating there’s no evidence supporting her concerns about safety and retaliation. The woman, dubbed her country’s most wanted fugitive and charged with voluntary manslaughter, had traveled through Colombia, Brazil, and France before her arrest in Madrid. The Dominican authorities seek her extradition for the 2022 crime where she allegedly fatally wounded her boss with a knife during a dispute.

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Paul Tierney
January 15, 2024 11:59 am

If this woman was in the US, there would be many battered woman advocacy groups willing to assist her. Wonder how many are in Spain?