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Juan Luis Guerra’s Captain Avispa hits theaters in april

Image from Listín Diario

Santo Domingo.- Renowned Dominican artist Juan Luis Guerra has officially revealed the culmination of a 12-year dream with the announcement of his film. Drawing inspiration from his song “Las Avispas,” he introduces an animated character named CAPITAN AVISPA, serving as the focal point of the film.

CAPITAN AVISPA, or Captain Wasp, emerges as a Caribbean superhero championing the cause of justice. Set against the backdrop of Waspatropolis and the Honey Kingdom, both coexisting peacefully within a honeycomb guarded by their heroic protector, Captain Wasp. However, the tranquility is threatened by the sinister Hornet Jaques Poison and his cohorts, who scheme to disrupt peace and seize control of both colonies. The responsibility to safeguard his people rests firmly in the hands of Captain Wasp, who, true to his principles of nobility, justice, and innocence, proclaims his battle cry: “Strong and Brave, never Lie!” This mantra will be put to the ultimate test against his formidable adversaries.

Directed by Jean Guerra and Jonathan Meléndez, “Captain Wasp” boasts a stellar cast, featuring acclaimed voices such as Luis Fonsi, Joy Huerta, Juanes, Karen Martínez, José Guillermo Cortines, Amelia Vega, Adalgisa Pantaleón, Roger Zayas, Bianca Garcia, Héctor Aníbal, and Juan Luis Guerra himself, among others.

Noteworthy is the film’s impressive soundtrack, showcasing many of the artist’s renowned hits alongside exclusive unreleased music crafted specifically for the cinematic experience.

Supported by the telecommunications company CLARO, “Captain Avispa” is set to premiere on the big screen in multiple markets throughout April. The Dominican Republic will have the privilege of hosting the first screening on April 4th, marking the beginning of a cinematic journey that has been over a decade in the making.

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