Local January 18, 2024 | 1:01 pm

Artisanal brand Manos Dominicanas to showcase at FITUR

Santo Domingo.- Supérate’s artisanal brand, Manos Dominicanas, is gearing up for its second appearance at the International Tourism Fair (FITUR) 2024 in Madrid. Led by Gloria Reyes, the delegation will spotlight Dominican crafts, emphasizing sustainability and the socioeconomic development of artisans. The event, scheduled from the 24th to the 28th of this month, promises an immersive experience at the Manos Dominicanas stand, featuring unique pieces that encapsulate the essence of the Dominican Republic.

This participation holds significant importance as it serves as a platform to showcase the economic development model implemented in the country. Aligned with President Luis Abinader’s policies, the model prioritizes training and entrepreneurship, presenting enormous opportunities for the nation. The director of Supérate expressed the intent to demonstrate to the world the vision behind the government’s economic development policy, emphasizing the promotion of formal employment and sustainable ventures.

In addition to presenting Creole crafts, Manos Dominicanas aims to foster international commercial relationships during FITUR. The exhibition will include a detailed information module on craft routes, encouraging visitors to explore crafts from a tourist perspective. Notably, the showcase will unveil the new “Inicio” larimar jewelry collection, a collaboration between designer Mónica Valera and larimar discoverer Miguel Méndez. The collection will be complemented by various handcrafted items, including jewelry crafted from larimar and amber stones, demonstrating the richness and diversity of Dominican craftsmanship. Currently, Manos Dominicanas operates four stores, with the most recent addition in Plaza Sambil at the end of the previous year.

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