Local January 19, 2024 | 8:00 am

Santiago welcomes first monorail train

Boca Chica, SD.- The Dominican Integrated Transportation System (SIT) announced on Thursday the arrival of the inaugural train for the Santiago Monorail System, originating from Kingston, Canada. This milestone marks a significant step towards revolutionizing urban mobility and mass transit in the city.

The institution shared the news through its social media channels, detailing that the train comprises four cars uniquely manufactured, designed, and adorned in the iconic red color associated with Heart City.

The initial train and its components were received at the DP World Dominicana Port in Caucedo, Boca Chica, situated to the east of Santo Domingo. The commencement of its transportation journey to Santiago de Los Caballeros has begun, specifically heading to Station 1 along the monorail route in the Cienfuegos sector.

In a commitment to enhance the quality of life for all Dominicans, the SIT aims to deliver a modern, secure, and sustainable transportation system with universal accessibility. Expressing gratitude, the organization acknowledged everyone involved in ensuring the successful arrival, logistics, and unloading of this crucial rolling stock, essential for Santiago’s integrated transportation system.

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Tom Woods
January 24, 2024 1:01 pm

The DR moves forward! Keep your good progress moving ahead.