Local January 22, 2024 | 11:15 am

INDRHI announces inauguration of Monte Grande

Santo Domingo.- The National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (INDRHI) has announced that the Monte Grande Dam reservoir will be officially handed over on Thursday, January 25. This significant project holds vital importance for flood mitigation, offering immediate security to communities in the southwest that have historically faced challenges due to flooding from the Yaque del Sur River.

Olmedo Caba Romano, the executive director of INDRHI, shared this information following a thorough inspection of the project, conducted in alignment with the established work schedule. During the tour, he was accompanied by representatives from the Monte Grande Consortium, the supervisory company SMG, and technicians from the INDRHI Execution Unit.

Caba Romano noted that the dam has already received water from recent rains and additional contributions. This has facilitated the implementation of hydromechanical and safety tests, ensuring that everything is in readiness. He emphasized that these actions were coordinated in advance with the irrigators.

Highlighting the collaborative efforts involved in the completion of the project, Caba Romano mentioned the recent visit of Aníbal Belliard, Director of Operations of the Presidency, along with officials working collectively on this significant initiative. Among them were Rafael Salazar, the administrator of the Dominican Hydroelectric Generation Company (EGEHID), and Hostos Rizik Lugo, the executive director for the Dominican Republic at the Central American Bank for Economic Integration—an essential financial entity for the project.

Caba Romano affirmed the completion of various aspects of the project, including the bottom and diversion tunnels, as well as the paving and lighting on the crown of the dam, along with the construction of valve houses. These accomplishments mark crucial milestones in the realization of this major infrastructure project.

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