Local January 23, 2024 | 8:10 am

Border Security: Dajabón section of fence set for this month

Dajabón, DR.- The completion of the “smart” perimeter fence is nearly accomplished, with the largest section corresponding to Dajabón scheduled for inauguration on either January 30 or 31, as announced by President Luis Abinader today.

President Abinader noted that the portion related to the province of Elías Piña has already been finished, and progress is ongoing for the fence in the remaining two locations, namely Jimaní and Pedernales.

He anticipates that the border fence with Haiti will be finalized “by March at the latest,” citing environmental concerns as the primary cause of the delays.

During his regular Monday press conference at the National Palace, President Abinader assured the nation’s enhanced preparedness to ensure border security. He emphasized that there is no need to worry about potential demonstrations on the Haitian side of the border, addressing a query about unrest in various areas of Haiti, including Ouanaminthe, near Dajabón. This unrest is linked to the attempt by former rebel leader Guy Philippe to force the resignation of the Haitian Prime Minister, Ariel Henry.

“We have consistently stated that we have security protocols in place for any issues arising in Haiti that may impact our country. We are equipped for any situation, guaranteeing border control and national peace without significant challenges; we are more prepared than ever,” stated the president.

Police reform

Regarding the National Police reform, President Abinader reassured that the dismissal of the commissioner for the reform, transformation, and modernization of the police force, Spanish José ‘Pepe’ Vila del Castillo, will not impede progress. He revealed that Vila’s contract concluded on January 15 but mentioned that discussions are ongoing with him to continue providing guidance in some capacity.

“I believe that the Police reform will proceed as usual. Whoever succeeds Vila will fulfill their responsibilities, and Mr. Vila will continue assisting in the police reform, which is an ongoing process delivering results in the short, medium, and long term,” added the president.

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