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Armando Medina, young venezuelan intoxicated on excursion, passed away

Santo Domingo.- Armando Medina, the young Venezuelan who suffered brain and nervous system damage, has passed away after consuming adulterated alcoholic beverages during a tourist excursion to Saona Island in 2020.

His partner, Ainhoa ​​Garate, shared the sad news on her Instagram account, previously updating that Medina’s health was in a critical condition.

The incident occurred on October 31, 2020, and within the initial two weeks post the consumption of the adulterated drink containing methanol, Medina fell into a coma.

Throughout this period, the young man underwent numerous dialysis sessions and received various treatments.

Expressing gratitude for the widespread support, his partner shared the heartbreaking news on social media, stating, “With all the pain in my soul, I inform you that Armandito could not resist this battle.”

Medina, who worked as a tattoo artist, had expressed a wish to be cremated, and efforts are currently underway to find suitable centers for the process.

In late 2020, the Ministry of Public Health revoked the license of the company responsible for the excursion, ATA Excursiones, where the tragic event occurred.

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